Nuisance Wildlife Removal Inc. has a  team of specialists who are experienced in solving  pest Bird Control  problems  which will rid you and your property of pest bird infestations. All installations are custom designed for your building they are harmless to birds, non-lethal and nearly invisible. Difficult access structures are one of our specialties. All procedures are constantly reviewed for environmental impact, safety and cost effectiveness.

Birds are often seen only as a noise problem but the problem does not stop there. They are notorious for leaving droppings that lead to un-sanitary conditions on awnings, ledges, and balconies. In fact, they pose serious and even dangerous health and safety hazards that occur when birds are allowed to roost on, around, or in buildings. Birds are responsible for millions of dollars worth of damage to commercial and residential buildings, machinery, paint finishes and signage.

Manufacturing Plants
Shopping Centers
Office Buildings
Food Service Plants
Apartment Buildings
Nursing Homes
Covered Playground Areas
Government Offices
Pigeons, Sparrows, Starlings, Vultures, Barn Swallows, Crows, Black Birds

Sign Protection
When it comes to signs repelling birds and keeping them away can be a challenge. Over the years there have been numerous types of bird control products on the market for signs, from spikes to electric track to netting, all of which is not very esthetically pleasing. We have a revolutionary product that works like no other; it will follow the curves associated with channel letters and has extremely low to no visibility from the ground thus allowing for an esthetically pleasing sign. Remember, you want your customer looking at your signage for the stores sake not to notice the bird control!

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Certified Installer of these fine products:

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